Fibro Friday Discussion #1

Good Morning From Chicago Union Station

Its our first Friday together and I know that there are only a few of us so far but we can at least try to open up the floor to discussion and see if we have any hits.

On Fridays, I take the train into the city and work at a shelter downtown.
It is my busiest day of the week and it usually leaves me drained until Sunday. I try to save up a few extra spoons from Thursday and go to bed SUPER early the night before. ( Last night I went to bed at 730pm, No Kidding). Taking public transportation is the other compromise that I have made and grown to enjoy. I am one of those weird people that will strike up a conversation with my neighbor on the “L” train. I have gotten into some pretty interesting discussions that way. I was invited to a “Die-In” once. ( That is were everyone lies on the ground for several hours and pretend they are dead to protest health care cuts.)
I used to walk the 6 blocks to the shelter but now I save my energy and take the bus. I arrive at the same time but I am not burning any calories that way. I try to make an effort to stretch in between surgeries and I do not do any of the heavy lifting anymore.
After an eight hour shift, I am feeling it. By the time I get home, I am stiff, painful and can barely move. I love what I do and I am willing to make that sacrifice to make a difference in an animal’s life.

So the Fibro Friday question of the day is –

How do you manage to get through your busy day? What tips and tricks are you willing to share?

This is my favorite place to sit on the “L” train. It is right above the heater and keeps my butt nice and toasty warm.

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