5 tips for enjoying Halloween when you have Fibromyalgia

You can’t scare us because we already live in fear. We fear the next flare up.  We fear the next difficult social gathering. We fear the next busy work day. We fear the fog and fatigue.

But the difference is, we have learned to overcome those fears. We know that they will come and we will manage because we are strong. We can handle three times as much pain as the normal person. We walk the street in chronic pain with grace and humility. We can put a smile on our face even though there is a volcano erupting in our body. We take our time and enjoy the small things even more.

So bring on your princess zombie pirate clown or whatever your little heathen has conjured up this year and read….


Please feel free to add your own tips in the comments section below

  1. Dress Comfortably

    Leave the heels at home. You don’t need the corset or the heavy headdress. If you don’t want to wear a costume then don’t or maybe go as a crazy cat lady this year.  Dress in sweat pants with a bunch of stuffed cats in a stroller. There are lots of options out there from the adult onesies to yoga pants and a festive shirt.

  2. Dress Warm

    This Halloween the high in Chicago is only going to be 45. Which means that the temperature after the sun goes down will be in the 30s. You better believe that I will be covered from head to toe like Santa Claus. No sexy cheetah or half naked Wonder Woman for me this year. I may own a sexy Princess Leia costume but it is not for Halloween. 😉

  3. Let someone else walk the kids around the neighborhood

    Being an Aunt, I used to love having the opportunity to walk my niece and nephew around in their adorable costumes. I promise you won’t miss out on the “fun”.  The best part is the photo-op in the beginning of the night before the sugar crash kicks in anyway.

  4. If you are heading out to a party, don’t over indulge

    You know that feeling after one too many drinks. You feel like a million bucks and you forget you have fibro.  Suddenly you can dance and you remember all the words to the time warp again. (It is just a hop to the left after all.) Have a drink to lighten the mood but then bring your favorite water bottle and drink that for the rest of the night. You can tell everyone that it is your own special brew.

  5. Don’t stray too far away from your diet

    It happens every year. The tiny innocent looking snickers bars. The festively orange cheese dip. The pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! Many of us spoonies are on special diets for food sensitivities and for those who don’t have food sensitivities, it is recommended to stay away from sugars and carbohydrates anyway.  Do you remember that old phrase “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”? Well here is a rhyme for the spoonies. To stay clear of brain and out of pain, stay away from the sugarcane! Ok, that’s corny, but you know what I mean.

If you follow these tips, hopefully you will not be too scary the next day.

Have a spooktacular Halloween everyone!

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